Tuesday, July 15, 2014

hall of fame

Hall of Fame hat from urban outfitters
Pendleton Sweatshirt from urban outfitters
River island coated jean
Underground Creepers

Hello my lovely friends, i'm back again with another post, hmmm, don't even know where to
start first there are some few things almost every guy would always wanna rock ,
a dope watch, a dope top and of course a dope shoe cos shoe its what really define
an outfit, you don't wanna mess it up with a wrecked shoe , so to smooth up these outfit
i had one of my favorite brand on me, the pendleton ,i wouldn't wanna talk much about
em, cos to me their product is a perfection, and of course i love my watch i'm a fan of
casio cos its affordable and worth the price, River island are like my mind readers ahaha
they got em skinny jeans for my skinny legs ,the last part is the creepers av always wanna
have underground ,i'm glad i got these, i got it from asos.

What do you think about these outfit my lovely friends, kindly drop your comments below
let me know what you think about these outfit and thank you for going through the post
don't forget to share with friend's you never know who you helping saving a whole lots
of stress by just sharing these outfit details, sharing is caring, thank's a bunch for staying with
me on the blog.