Sunday, April 5, 2015

office look

Shirt -- ZARA
Tie -- F&F
Watch -- CASIO

 Hello friend's how's your weekend been, i'm glad to share these post wiv y'all, i gotta be 
honest wiv you i'm not the suit and tie guy nor the shirt and tie kinda person but i said to
myself why can't i just fix it half way, a bit of a regular street outfit and a corporate look, 
these post is kinda very personal to me ,it's personal in the sense that i feel it's not necessary
to go through the stress of changing outfit when you are back from your place of work,
as a guy why can't i have it both ways , look smart to work and after work pull out my tie 
and loosen up to chill with friend's that's how i came up with these simple architecture, 
especially for the bachelors and single guys who got no wife yet, nor kids to return back to
after work on friday could hit the bar nor club  without having to change outfit all that
 is needed is just to pull off the tie, roll up the sleeves of my shirt a bit and i'm good to hit
the street, that's why i paired it with a jean and a biker's boot not with a tailoring trousers 
and shoe , i hope you do like these post as much i do.

Thanks for taking your time going through my post i honestly do appreciate, share your 
opinion with me about what you feel about these post and kindly share wiv friends, a friend 
of yours might also wanna rock the same outfit as mine or restyle it even better than mine,
thanks and i wish you all a blessed week ahead.