Tuesday, July 15, 2014

made in nigeria

Bershka Waistcoat
Long Hand made dress from Nigeria
River Island Pants
River Island Boot

Hello my beautiful people i hope y'all having a great time, on these post i will fully talk about
myself and why the post is titled MADE IN NIGERIA, first i'm a nigerian and second
these long hand made dress was made from nigeria, i waited for a long time before i could
get these but lucky me i finally got it, i just honestly got inspired from these african talented
stylist we called tailors ,i guess what many of em are lacking is promotion's and not enough
publicity first no disrespect to Gucci or Givenchy or Versace but if these was made by em
it's gonna be a "big deal" these is my own nigeria inspired givenchy and
honestly it makes me feel good, these design it's not even the dopest nor complex hand
made designs have seen, mine is very simple,cos when i saw some african dress on some
ladies i keep on wondering how it was made cos it's very complex from the detailing
to the designing ,i just wanna acknowledge the minds of creativity of these my fellow
nigerians, and my biggest shout out to all africans  doing their thing out there,
the summary of my whole story is that i feel glad and thankful to GOD,
i'm an african and proud and to be specific i'm a nigerian and proud .

My beautiful friends what do y'all think about these outfit, kindly drop your comment below,
kindly share your beautiful opinion with me,and don't forget to share with friends, thanks
a bunch for keeping up with me on the blog.