Saturday, July 11, 2015


Denim pakistanian cap
Denim jacket from ASOS
Denim overalls from FOREVER 21
Plimsolls from PULL&BEAR
Tie from TOPMAN
Watch from CASIO

Hello to every visitor on the blog and most especially my friendly greetings to everyone
taking his or her time going through these post, it's been a while have posted on here
but let me go straight to the story and the concept behind these outfits and shots, and
with the collaboration, months back, me and my friend ran into each other and since
we do have one or two things in common which is probably fashion and styling
so we lighted up a conversation about a dope movie he watched , he recommended the
movie to me he said i'm gonna fall in love with it , the movie is titled SELMA,
after a long conversation he said since i love pure URBAN FASHION STYLE,
i should try the outfit worn by the rapper '' COMMON , conversation started getting
serious and more serious ,the jumpsuit wasn't hard to get  but the cap was pretty much
difficult to get in the neighborhood  i live, but later he showed me some of his project,
he came up with an idea of styled jacket from jumpsuit concept, just making it separate
cos to be honest if you are not a fashion junkie as a guy ,jumpsuit isn't the deal,
Glory and thanks be to GOD ALMIGHTY we were able to make up a conclusion
and these is the result and the view, i hope you like the post and the outfit as much as
i do, and thanks for your time .



I wanna say a big shout to everyone going through the post , and i wish you all a very
blessed , beautiful and memorable summer holiday , don't be shy to share your opinion
with me on the outfit in the comment box, thanks .