Monday, July 14, 2014

prints on prints

Asos printed T- shirt
River island Shorts
Asos plimsolls

Hello  my beautiful people, yeah its your favorite guy again that loves messing with prints,
i love prints and i was actually thinking can it be right for a dude to pull it out rocking a
printed tee's on prints cos obviously don't wanna look like a masquerade, but  tried
these and i guess it wasn't that bad as a matter of fact, it was very accepted ,take a look
at these tumblr dreams these picture elevated my tumblr account like a magic and ofcourse
i was glad, i got featured in so many mags and fashion places, it was a hit.
honestly sometimes labels ain't everything, i wear labels and i love labels too,
everyone does, but all i'm tryna say is that FASHION IS ALL ABOUT COMFORT
you don't av to go BROKE before you could look styled or dope like my favorite word,
these outfit is very cheap, from the tees to plimsoll, honestly very affordable

my very good readers and friends going through my blog and these post, what do y'all think
would your rock these outfit or recommend it to a friend , kindly drop your comments and
share your beautiful opinion with me, and don't forget to share with a friend that you think
he or she might benefit from these post, as y'all know sharing is caring, thanks for your
patience, don't go anywhere stay on my blog cos a new post you might like it's on its
way soon, thank you.