Monday, December 8, 2014


Nwokeocha Nneka
Check her full outfit details here on her blog.
check out her BLOG
check more of her outfit shots on her instagram
check out her INSTAGRAM

 Hat - Fedora Hat from Ebay
Coat - Tom Tailor
Shirt - Zara
Waist coat - Zara
Blazer - Zara
Tie - Zara
Pant - Zara
Shoe - Zara

 Let me introduce my twin to you, her name is NWOKEOCHA NNEKA
she actually came up with these idea of these outfit, she styled me up
even though we made the shot at different region to give it a proper contrast
wiv the weather and the environment i guess the result came up really awesome.

Hello friend's how's your day at work , hope it wasn't stressful, i came up with these post
to share the outfit details of me and my beautiful friend , the whole inspiration of the
outfit came from her , kindly drop your comment and let us know what you think 
about these outfit we came up with and please don't forget to kindly help share with friends,
some friends might be interested in rocking the same look, thanks for your time, i honestly
do appreciate and i wish you all a pleasant and beautiful week.