Saturday, March 14, 2015


Jacket -- BERSHKA
T-shirt -- BERSHKA
Bag -- NIKE

 Hello friend's , happy weekend to y'all, here comes my first post for the spring season,
i'm so excited cos of many reasons, no more reason for the heavy luggage so called 
WINTER JACKET plus the spring fresh air worth waiting for , and anyone who knows me 
well knows i love rocking my hat always for just one single reason,to cover my face,
i wear it in sort a way only me can see u, u can't see me eye to eye, it's more of a back up 
plan for a very shy guy like me , so i decided to pair up my ''supreme five panel hat'' 
wiv the awesome''city print out bomber jacket'' from bershka ,wiv my ''nike messenger bag'
 actually to be honest it wasn't a planned shot i was on my way to deliver some package to
 someone  and she taught i was looking great and she took some couple of shots, 
it was later i saw the shot on her cell phone i was like please i want em all,
 i called the post military cos of my five panel hat together with me military dogtag.

Thank's for visiting my blog, and thanks for going through my post, wish y'all a fun filled 
weekend , thanks i really do appreciate.