Monday, July 14, 2014

new look

Aldo Accessories from Karavan mall
River Island Knit Cardigan
DIAZ SHIRT was a GIFT from a friend
Bershka Jean
Banana republic shoe

Hello to you all my cool friends,hope y'all having a great time, i call these NEW LOOK
because after several years of wearing DREAD LOCKS i decided to cut my hair i looked
very weird but, i guess wasn't as bad as i taught i would look when i decided to cut my hair
at first, i hope you doing great, glad to share these look with you
in full detailing , it's actually simple, it was a bit cold but the weather was fresh and we all
know a fresh weather always inspire fresh outfit, i got the knit from river island ,
the shirt was a GIFT from a very good friend of mine who went to korea for her
medical internship ,who doesn't love gifts?,i bet every human does, i was cool
with the outfit and thankful, got the jean from bershka a store very close to
where i live in my city, and one of my favorite shoe from banana republic ,
it's ain't much but very comfortable.

i guess life is all about changes , that's how i embraced my new look, what do y'all think
about these new look, and these outfit, share your opinion with me , drop your
comments below and don't forget that sharing is caring,kindly share with fellow friends
 they might see something interesting in these very post, and thanks to you for your
time and patience on my blog, stay calmed cos more post are coming, thanks and have a
great day.