Monday, July 14, 2014

banana republic

Banana republic shirt
Pull&Bear belt
Louis Vuitton Bag from Karavan Mall
River Island Chinos and Shoe

Hello my beautiful good friends, i hope my blog is keeping your company, yes i look tired
that is the look of a medical student when you just got out of the university, just had to crop
out some shot on my way back home, so that i could have the opportunity to share the
outfit details for y'all my good friends, yeah we medical students also look stylish too when
we are not on our lab coats, these outfit its just a regular outfit, for a shy guy like me, i think
simplicity is always the key, it works for me , and what i adore most in these outfit is my
banana republic shirt , when i'm in it, i feel different in a good way, i normally where the shirt
when i'm having exams .

Thanks for sticking around and for going through the post, do you like the outfit?
what do you think?, will you recommend it for a friend or for yourself, don't
forget to drop your comment share your beautiful opinion with me ,and plus don't
forget to share with your friends, you never know how you might have helped a friend of
your's to benefit from these just by only sharing with em, don't go anywhere stay with me
on these blog cos i ain't going nowhere either, thanks for your patience.