Monday, July 14, 2014

black blazer

River Island sweatshirt
Zara Long Shirt
Espirit Blazer
River Island Black coated jean
River Island boot

Hello my good friends, how's your day out there, i hope you are having a great time,
i am very pleased to share these simple black blazer look with you, i flow with any type of
dressing but to be honest i actually avoid corporate a lot , cos first it's a bit expensive to pull it
out not like a regular street wear, and second the size really matters a lot especially to skinny
guys like me, so to save the stress i often go with my street outfit.

i never mentioned it here, as you can see i love prints a lot and plus black is my favorite
color so i had it in mind , coupling these pieces together shouldn't be a problem,
and these was the result after pulling out these look.

i hope you liked what you saw , and thanks for your patience and time , what do you think?
and please kindly feel free to share your beautiful taught with me on these look, drop
your comments and plus share with your friend that you think he or she might benefit from
these post, don't go anywhere stay on my blog, cos there's still more updates coming
i'm just getting warmed up, thanks.