Monday, July 14, 2014

Leather Pants

Obey athletics snapback hat
Blazers was a gift from a friend
Pull&bear belt
Accessories & louis Vuitton bag from Karavan mall
Tank & leather Pants from River Island
Asos Boot

Hello my beautiful people, i'm back again with another post, i promise not to keep you
waiting for long , yeah i love summer everyone does, actually about people who don't
know me much, i'm a kind of guy that loves keeping it simple, i'm not saying rocking
heavy stuffs ain't healthy.

i shop online mostly i'm not the mall person type, but so sad many cool and cheaper retailing
online shops ain't shipping to where i live presently, but that's not a problem, i got couple of
friends whom i can purchase and ship to em and they could ship it back to me, but preferably
i get it myself when i travel if i wasn't in a hurry.

so my lovely friends what do you think about these look? don't forget to drop your opinion
on these, let me know what you feel, and thanks for your time, stay tuned on my blog
cos i'll back very soon with another post, and please don't forget to share with a friend
that you think he or she might sees anything that interest him or her on these post, thanks.